Friday, March 2, 2012

Flexible Light Strip 300 SMD Bright White LED Ribbon 5 Meter or 16 Feet By Ledwholesalers, 2026wh

!±8± Flexible Light Strip 300 SMD Bright White LED Ribbon 5 Meter or 16 Feet By Ledwholesalers, 2026wh

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(A.K.A FLEXSTRIP LIGHTING) is a low voltage (12 volt) Super Bright LED lighting in a flexible thin PCB strip. This LED ribbon uses super flexible PCB board as base and adopts Chip RGB LED as its luminous body. Designed for the lighting professional, this lighting can be used for architectural lighting, sign letter light, concealed lighting perimeter lighting and many other applications. We carry the Ribbon in red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white. We also carry RGB that allows you to change colors with the optional controller. LED Flex Strip Lighting is available with a clip (Silicone Type) on or tape base for easy install. The base is flat and flexible and can be easily mount onto most flat surfaces. It's small size and low voltage makes this lighting ideal for a wide range of applications. Typically it is twice as bright as LED rope lighting. Applications: Border or perimeter lighting. Architectural decorative lighting . Use indoor and outdoors (Silicone or Gel Type only) use to highlight areas. Concealed lighting Cove and under cabinet lighting.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alessi Amir & Camelus, Set of Two Figurines

!±8±Alessi Amir & Camelus, Set of Two Figurines

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Set of two figurines in porcelain. Hand-decorated. "Amir & Camelus", designed by LPWK (Laura Polinoro Workshop) - Massimo Giacon, belongs to the collection of figurines that enriches the family of Christmas characters brought to life surrounding the "Presepe", (Nativity scene) project in 2007. <>. (Alberto Alessi)

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